"Beat the rookie with the Veteran"

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why won't this happen?

Sen. McCain’s campaign should repeat this invitation with all sincerity, so that independent voters are assured it’s not a “political ploy”. Then everyone of good faith will understand that Sen. McCain means it, and Sen. Obama is the one playing politics with Iraq (as he, and many other leading figures on the left, have repeatedly in the past two years).

Isn't winning the war and supporting the troops more important??


soulyinclined said...

I couldn't agree more. We need to illustrate the huge credibility gap between Senator Obama’s message and the level to which he is actually informed. The case should be made that America does not want a president who makes judgments based on media coverage and political triangulation. Most would agree, especially Independent voters, that Sen. Obama could develop a more informed opinion by taking advantage of his status as a US Senator and traveling to the region.

The fact that he has not traveled to Iraq is something that should be brought up over, and over, and over again until he decides to throw on a bullet proof vest and go. This is reminiscent of the Jeremiah Wright issue. Highlight his unwillingness to do what is right until he gives in and supplies some disingenuous reason for doing so, demonstrating to the voting public his tendency to rely on political calculation rather than good judgment.

Jeter said...

Souly: I completely agree as I see the type of candidate Sen. Obama has become.

He shows world-class brutality when it comes to cutting off members of his own family (he called his own grandmother a racist... wow. Now that is a whole new level for a serious presidential candidate), but he hasn't accomplished a single important thing in his national political life... and his lack of foreign policy experience goes beyond never having met privately with Gen. Petreaus. He doesn't have any personal contacts or experience in Iran, Lebanon, Israel, Venezuela, Colombia, China, Korea (need I continue), so he can't possibly really know what to do there.

I hope that the last 16 years of "political veneer" of Clinton/Bush will cause Americans to look beyond the rhetoric to what the candidate has actually accomplished in his career in public service. In Sen. McCain we have a person who is unrivaled in the past century.