"Beat the rookie with the Veteran"

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More non-partisan analysis on the "small donor" myth of Sen. Obama...

From the Campaign Finance Institute: Obama’s Fundraising Slowdown: Will It Cause Him to Look More toward Large Donors?

The presumptive Democratic nominee faces a number of financial challenges in the wake of his decision not to join McCain in accepting $84 million in public financing for the general election. He must raise money for: the two months remaining before the party convention, the convention itself (the Denver host committee has appealed to him to help with a more than $10 million shortfall), and the two month post-convention campaign. In these circumstances, he faces pressures to try to reinvigorate his appeal to small donors and to turn to large donors and bundlers who provided the majority of his funding in 2007. Were he to build up his proportion of support from the latter group (including Clinton’s financial supporters), it could weaken his claim that his small donor base in the general election can make him the first candidate “truly funded by the American people.”

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