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Monday, June 2, 2008

Barack Obama has disowned his church family...

didn't he say a couple of months ago, that "he could no more disown his church community than he could his family"?? Well, as of 6:00 tonight, Sen. Obama's church family became too politically uncomfortable for him, so he's disowned them.

What will he do to other Americans that become unpopular?

UPDATE: From Commentary Magazine: "Why did it take 20 years?" They say it well:

Imagine if the roles were reversed and John McCain had attended a white separatist church for twenty years. Would his resignation after two decades cure the concern that he had lived some sort of weird double life, cavorting with racists but talking about equal opportunity in his public life? I would imagine he’d have been forced out of the presidential race by now.

So the question remains: was Obama the least observant church congegrant on the planet (racism and anti-Semitism at Trinity? No!) or a hypocrite? Let the voters decide.

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