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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sen. McCain... SEARCHING FOR SOLUTIONS on the Energy Crisis...

WSJ: Senator's Broad Range Of Energy Policies Defies Categories (subscription only) here's a brief excerpt:

Sen. John McCain is putting energy policy at the center of his presidential campaign, embracing a diverse array of positions that defies easy categorization.

He is for more oil drilling and also for alternatives to oil. He wants to drill off the coasts but not in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He supports subsidies for nuclear power and clean-coal technology, but has opposed them for ethanol, solar and wind power.

This diverse viewpoint is frustrating to pin-down, and can be easily criticized in "sound-bite" politics, which sadly our national political process has degenerated into... I would call Sen. McCain's approach a non-partisan "SEARCHING FOR SOLUTIONS" approach. That's who he's been for the 27 years he's been involved in national politics. That's what we need. He's beholden to no interest group... Oil, as President Bush is, or ethanol and the hard-core environmental lobby as Sen. Obama is... he's just SEARCHING FOR SOLUTIONS. Anyone else who is interested in SEARCHING FOR SOLUTIONS should support him in this effort.

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