"Beat the rookie with the Veteran"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

McCain and straight talk...

From John Dickerson at Slate... continue to communicate with the American people... continue to hold town halls... trust that the American people know all of the hard bi-partisan choices you've made throughout your career, and that your message will get through... Many independents love you and are suspicious of Sen. Obama, so you're on safe ground here...

On energy policy: if questioned about changing your position on developing US resources ("drilling"), use the old Keynesian line "When the facts change, my policy changes... what do you do, sir?"

A national politician can't rail on our "dependence on foreign oil" and not seek to develop our own resources to prevent this dangerous situation. Conservation, yes. Alternatives as a long-term solution, yes. But a good policy will look at all solutions, and developing US resources is an important aspect of a comprehensive solution.

Barack Obama's solution of a "windfall profits tax" on the other hand, may feel good to those who hate capitalist corporate power, but it does nothing but appropriate more power to the government and actually increases our dependence on foreign oil.

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