"Beat the rookie with the Veteran"

Monday, June 30, 2008

McCain responds to Obama campaign's attacks on his military record...

Sen. Obama's campaign has joined up with the attacks on Sen. McCain's military record. Gen. Clark should be ashamed, as Sen. Rockefeller and Sen. Harkin before him...

The McCain campaign is holding a conference call today to respond to these attacks, and is forming a "Truth Squad" to defend against this stuff.

Sadly, Sen. Obama has had multiple opportunities to make this campaign different, by debating one-on-one with Sen. McCain, and by negotiating one-on-one with Sen. McCain to keep this stuff out of the campaign with an agreement to disarm 527s and enter public financing. He's declined.

UPDATE: At a news conference in Harrisburg, Pa., McCain was asked about Clark's comments.

"I think that that kind of thing is unnecessary," McCain said. "I'm proud of my record of service, I have plenty of friends, leaders who will attest to that.

"The important thing is if that's the kind of campaign Senator Obama and his surrogates and supporters want to engage in, I understand that. But it doesn't reduce the price of gas by one penny. It doesn't achieve our energy independence or make it come any closer. Doesn't make any American stay in their home who's at risk of losing it today. And it certainly doesn't do anything to address the challenges Americans have in keeping their jobs, homes and supporting their families."

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