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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

UPDATE: The Seal is Dead... Long Live the Seal!!

I've reprinted the entire old posts below. Mercifully, the seal was taken out of commission today (hopefully never to be seen in any form again)...

Originally posted June 20, 2008: Now UPDATED

What the heck is this seal? Is this some sort of joke??

That eagle looks like someone taped on the wings... also, he's taking some major liberties with the Presidential Seal, by putting his "O sun with stream" over the eagle's shield... What's next, an "Obama American flag" with the "O Sun" instead of stars??

This is all a bit messianic for me... let's just forgo the election, it looks like he's already declared himself the President...

UPDATE: Mickey Kaus of Slate says this ridiculous seal is Sen. Obama's "Mission Accomplished" moment... this has been a really bad week for his campaign, I believe...

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