"Beat the rookie with the Veteran"

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sen. Obama shows "New Politics" of "Hope" and "Change" are substantially like "Old Politics" of subtle smears...

Sen. Obama decided yesterday to say "John McCain was 'losing his bearings' for repeatedly suggesting the Islamic terrorist group Hamas preferred Obama for president."

The Democrats -- including surrogates such as Howard Dean -- have already repeatedly raised Sen. McCain's age as a central issue in the general election. I would contend that this is on par with raising Sen. Obama's race. Age and race may be an issue to some people, but it is completely beneath a respectful campaign for official surrogates (and absolutely/completely below the candidate themselves) to raise this, subtly or directly.

I call on all Obama supporters and all Democrats to reject this sort of old school Chicago-style gutter politics. Sen. Obama should apologize today for this sort of rookie stunt... and he should do it in person.

This is the letter Mark Salter released in response. This kind of business (the issues of age and race) should be left to comedians and late night talk show hosts, and should not be the topic of conversation of national elected officials, the Chair of the DNC or Sen. Obama himself.

Shame on them...

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