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Friday, May 16, 2008

"Just talking about change is not enough."

This line in a lead editorial from a major news organization is -- in a vacuum -- correct.

If I then told you that the quote is about the Presidential election, you'd think this was a quote from the Clinton campaign discussing Sen. Obama's empty rhetorical approach -- with very little experience or track record to show how he would govern or change. Nope! Wrong!!

This is in today's New York Times editorial criticising Sen. McCain's speech from yesterday. Are you guys joking? Should I be chuckling at the flimsy logic and irony here? Or should I be angry at the rank hypocrisy and open campaigning for a candidate they didn't even endorse. I just checked, and this website is available: http://nyforobama.blogspot.com/ I think the New York Times website should link their editorials to this site.

Here's a larger excerpt:

Mr. McCain won some improvements in the bill’s provisions on the treatment of prisoners, but acquiesced to an appallingly cynical deal that exempted the intelligence agencies from a ban on the torture, abuse and humiliation of detainees.

Just talking about change is not enough. Look at the Republican Party’s witless attempt to repackage itself with a new Barack Obama-like sound bite, only to find that “The Change You Deserve” was the ad slogan for an antidepressant. (my emphasis)

I love that the Times editorial board still spreads the lie that Sen. McCain is responsible for the Bush administration's "torture" policy even though he just last week told Bill O'Reilly that he would follow the Geneva conventions and close Guantanamo. The left is following the communist communications approach -- attributed to both Lenin and Goebbels -- that a lie told often enough becomes the truth.

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