"Beat the rookie with the Veteran"

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Don't listen to the "establishment" Senator...

listen to your gut, and stay accessible to the people and the media. Make this about your love for country, and love for the opinions of the people. Embrace the debate! Embrace the town halls! Embrace a trip to Iraq with Sen. Obama (and if he goes without you, go at the same time and tell him he missed all the important spots)!

The Republican establishment seems to want you to run a Bush style top-down corporate campaign. Run your own style of bottom-up campaign. We're all here watching... we did it for you in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida, and we'll do it for you in the general. Reach out to the local moderates and concerned Americans, and we'll bring you home. My favorite quote from the Time article linked above:

For other candidates, such wounds might be mortal, but McCain has defied conventional wisdom and won in the past. His approval rating among independents and some Democrats remains strong, and he is tied with Obama in national surveys. A senior Republican adviser to one of McCain's former rivals appraised the situation this way: "Not raising money, still no excitement, can't seem to get his footing, the Bush brand is toxic, and yet it still looks like he can win," the adviser said. "All that is so John McCain."

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