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Friday, April 25, 2008

McCain Blogger call... 10AM ET.

I will be participating in a conference call for bloggers with Sen. McCain at 10AM ET. If anyone is interested in listening in, please comment and request and I'll try to patch you in.

Also, after the call, I'll include a partial transcript of the highlights...

UPDATE: Sen. McCain spoke to bloggers for about 5 minutes, and then took about 25 minutes of questions this morning at 10AM ET. Highlights include:

  • Sen. McCain emphasized his "Time for Action" tour this week to Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky, Louisiana and today to Mike Huckabee's home state Arkansas. He has been visiting places "left out of America's economic success" in the past decade, and emphasized that as President he would seek to serve all Americans.

  • When asked by Hugh Hewitt about Senator Obama's comparison between Bill Ayers -- an unrepentant terrorist and founding member of the Weatherman responsible for bombing the US Capitol, the State Department and the Pentagon -- and Tom Coburn -- a sitting US Senator who has advocated severe penalties for those performing abortions -- Sen McCain said he was "offended by the comparison" between his colleague and friend Sen Coburn and a terrorist and was surprised that Sen. Obama's comparison had not been covered more fully by the media.

  • Sen. McCain continued to emphasize -- when asked repeatedly by bloggers about an Ad in North Carolina that he condemned and encouraged the NC Republican Party not to run --that he thought the campaign should focus on the vast differences between the candidates on the issues (tax cuts v. tax increases, national security policy, role of government in American's lives) and spend their limited resources in that way.

UPDATE: The ad has been pulled by the NC Republican party.

  • In response to a question about President Carter's visit with terrorist organization Hamas and Hamas' endorsement of Sen. Obama, Sen. McCain stated that he's sure Hamas would not endorse him for President.

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