"Beat the rookie with the Veteran"

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The "Political-Theatre" Critic at the New York Times has officially called it...

Maybe in your insular, partisan, elitist, borderline anti-American (and certainly anti-capitalist) world, Frank. But then again, you started as the theatre critic at the Times, so you're more at home at the Tony Awards or a Hollywood Hills House Party then you would be at, say, Ramstein Air Base.

I would venture to say that substantial majorities of our active military, virtually all veteran's groups (this poll is encouraging), and those that are in favor of democratic governments (including in our country... you know, maybe having some respect for the tradition of an election in November before breaking out the Presidential seals and French champagne) disagree with this assessment. The presumptuousness of this Democrat crowd, based in the traditional/old-guard media, the Hollywood elites and the Ivy League universities is Rich.

And this is all before we even get to the conventions, and before the two candidates have had an opportunity to face off in a debate (although Sen. McCain has repeatedly requested head-to-head conversations with voters... "Acting President" Obama reneged on his "Anytime/Anywhere" promise to participate).

Happily, as all of this happens inside the walls of the formerly respected New York Times, the market continues to show the Times that history is passing it by. The best indication is the 5-year chart of NYT common stock:

Finally, the cartoon at the top speaks to the lengths the traditional media is prepared to go to fete our new prince... Notice the entity holding the crown. I think come November, this crown will have angered enough regular Americans that it will not actually result in an electoral college win, but of course we shall see come November 4... and not July 27, the date Mr. Rich called the election.

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