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Monday, July 7, 2008

Al Qaeda in Iraq is on its way to defeat...

We owe historic thanks for this victory to Gen. Petraeus, the American troops in Iraq and those in Washington that stood against surrender and retreat, and stood up to Al Qaeda and said "there will be no Civil War!"... that is leadership.

UPDATE: The Belmont Club provides more detail, including an angle on Syrian involvement with Al Qaeda.

UPDATE #2: USA Today, to their credit, made this story a priority. Gen. Jack Keane, a key architect of the surge strategy along with Gen. Petraeus, stated that "I believe the momentum we have is not reversible," and stated that significant reductions in troops would likely happen in 2009, because of the progress made in the country.

Isn't it substantially preferable to have troop reductions after achieving the tough objectives and leaving with the job done, rather than retreating under fire? I believe this should be a question asked of the Presidential candidates.

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