"Beat the rookie with the Veteran"

Monday, October 13, 2008

LA Times: Does urging political restraint apply to McCain and Obama or just the Republican?

Over the top ugliness against Sarah Palin in Philadelphia this weekend.

Where are the mainstream media reports??


astra said...

The number of women maimed and murdered by men that would use that crude word or its equivalent to define women far exceeds the number of blacks lynched in the dark days of the deep south.
Mature women of wisdom and experience were often burned as witches. women in india are still subjected to "kitchen fires" - burned alive in oil by hostile mothers in law, or husbands seeking a new "model." girls and women in Muslim societies are regularly murdered by their own parents for "honor." Girls are routinely mutilated in Muslim regions of Africa. Therefore to diminish the use of the hate term for womens genitalia by contrasting it with a word used during a brief period in America's history is appalling and insulting.
Where is the outrage for tribal genocide continuing in Africa today. Tutsis vs Hutus, in Rwanda, for example. Then there's Obama's own tribe, the Luos, and his cousin Odinga who attempted genocide of the Kikuyus in Kenya. BTW, Obama campaigned for Odinga on the platform of "CHANGE." Where's the liberal outrage there...

astra said...

The above refers to crude t shirts, insulting Sarah Palin in PA