"Beat the rookie with the Veteran"

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Once again, the Times shills for the Obama campaign...

The Times continues to define "beclown"... "Independent Journalism" no longer exists at this piece of trash...

Mr. Egan writes an editorial comparing Roosevelt and McCain and says McCain bears no relation. Let me count the ways that this editorial is embarrassing in it's lack of completeness and mischaracterization:

1) Mr. Egan fails to mention, except in passing about foreign policy, Mr. McCain's military service, which is an omission as broad as the Grand Canyon.

2) Mr. Egan also fails to mention, when speaking of Pres. Roosevelt's environmentalism that Sen. McCain continues to be one of the very few elected Republicans that supports a cap-and-trade program to stem global warming.

3) Mr. Egan claims that Pres. Roosevelt was a "celebrity", similar to Sen. Obama. He fails to dig further to understand that Roosevelt's celebrity stemmed from something other than his running for President and his speeches.

Finally, Mr. Egan concludes with this stupidity, which is straight out of the Obama campaign playbook:

The John McCain of old — who stood up to his party’s nasty demagogues, fought special interests and embodied the word maverick — was someone Roosevelt might admire.

The John McCain who ran a Paris Hilton ad, mocked Obama for inspiring people abroad and has proposed nothing to right the ship of economic inequality would be his fierce opponent.

Seriously, New York Times, was this passage actually written by David Axelrod?? It would only be more complete if it included some reference to his similarity to President Bush, or "More of the Same" or "McBush" or "McSame", and included an O symbol... Please!

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