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Thursday, March 13, 2008

NBC News/WSJ Poll... Dems have major advantage, but country loves John McCain...

The most recent national poll from NBC/Wall Street Journal shows Democrats with a substantial party affiliation advantage. John McCain is still effectively tied with either Democrat candidate.

I just received the following email from the campaign explaining their most important takeaways:


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Subject: WSJ: McCain, GOP May Have Cause For Hope

Important take-aways from the new WSJ/NBC poll:

* Despite a tarnished Republican brand, Sen. John McCain enjoys a remarkably strong image ratio of 47 Fav/27 Unfav.

* A couple findings in the new poll capture how conflicted Americans are. By a 13-point margin, 50% to 37%, registered voters say they would prefer a Democrat to be elected president. When asked to choose specifically between Arizona Sen. McCain and either Democrat, the results in each case are a statistical tie.

* "Americans can visualize John McCain behind the desk in the Oval Office," said Mr. [Democratic pollster Peter] Hart.

* The issues environment remains very treacherous for Republicans as a whole.


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