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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mayor Mike lays down the independent gauntlet...

Mike Bloomberg has an op-ed in Thursday's New York Times, offering his support to the candidate offering an "independent" approach to solving the country's many problems.


He raises free trade, immigration, school reform and climate change as his four key issues in the first paragraph.

John McCain has been solidly and consistently pro-free trade, while Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton fought last night over who wants to take the biggest chunk out of NAFTA.

John McCain, against all pressure from the nativist urges of the right, held to a bi-partisan and comprehensive plan for pushing the difficult immigration issue toward a long-term solution.

John McCain is strongly in favor of new solutions for education, especially competition for public schools (including charter schools) and rewarding teachers with merit pay. In fact, Mayor Mike's programs that are working in New York are very much more in line with Sen. McCain than either of the Democrats old-style union backed approaches. For a solid description of his education views watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGnhQM3PRlQ

John McCain was an early sponsor for a market-based solution to climate change, while many in his party denied the scientific fact of global warming.

If Mayor Mike is looking for a strong and independent voice to support, he can do no better than the person who his friend, fellow independent and fellow tri-state leader Joe Lieberman is supporting: John McCain!!

Anyone have a contact in the Mayor's office? We should invite the Mayor's people to meet with the campaign pronto!

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